This Association, who brings together thousands of patients who suffer from pain, will fight to prevent the Administration from ? tripping? Spanish patients who are suffering from pain

Madrid, 23/12/2019.- From November the 1st, the Ministry of Health assigned a special visa so that patients suffering from postherpetic pain can access 5% Lidocaine patches with clinical indication.


According to some of our clinicians, up to now, more than 90% of these patches were prescribed by different clinical specialists to treat various types of pain, as, for example, to treat pain from patients who present with postoperative-neuropathic pain provided that this treatment demonstrated its effectiveness and efficiency for the patient.

«This is a type of medication, which if the patient doesn?t present with any intolerance at first to the active anesthetic, has no systemic side effects as it occurs in the case of other drugs that are prescribed to address pain? says Dr. Salvador.


Ignacio del Rio, Director of the Spanish Association of Patients with Neuropathic Pain, representing thousands of patients who constitute this non-profit entity -where its President and its Board of Directors are volunteers – expresses his discomfort towards this news on behalf of all Spanish patients who suffer from pain and are members of our entity.